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Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty – a father of five and California-based psychiatric physician who was fired from University of California, Irvine for refusing the Covid vaccine after being exposed to the virus – has spoken about how the consequences of lockdowns, masking, and remote schooling affected young children in his new book The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State. He is one of the many physicians warning parents about the risks the vaccine poses to children and young adults who are not at serious risk of serious Covid side effects.

Healthy children are not at a significant morbidity/mortality risk from Covid, and therefore do not need to assume risks of a vaccine that will have no benefit to them.
· The argument that kids should get vaccinated to reduce the risk of transmitting covid to others (e.g. the elderly who may be at higher risk for Covid) fails empirically and ethically:
· Empirically because the covid vaccines do not stop infection and transmission.
· Ethically because even if they did, it’s not justifiable to place kids at risk in order to mitigate risks to adults. In a healthy society, adults take risks to protect children, not the other way around.
· We are now seeing emerging evidence of serious vaccine injuries and adverse events from the covid shots, including death. The clinical trials in children were inadequate to establish either efficacy or safety for the vaccines in that population.

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