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Dana Fernandez

Matt Buff goes on location to the Oviedo Cultural Center for the Seminole Republican Women Federated event.

Seminole County residents have tremendous pride in our community. We love our county, and we love our neighbors. The last few years have been very difficult for all of us. Students, teachers, and parents have all felt enormous pressure and division because of the uncertainty. NOW is the time for us to unite. Using COMMON SENSE, we can do what is right for our children, and build the strength of our community. We need to take an in-depth look at the things within our schools which work and those that do not. Without judgement, we need to make a plan that builds on past successes, corrects mistakes, and builds a solid foundation for the futures of our students and staff.

As your candidate for School Board District 5, I pledge to listen to the thoughts and needs of our students and parents to do the challenging work that needs to be done. As a former educator, I pledge to do right by teachers and staff and to always have their backs. As your candidate I pledge to work tirelessly to do the work that needs to be done, building bridges where they need to be built, and holding the line to ensure that our schools are the best that they can be, for every student who enters in. I will always stand up for what is right.

Let's do this together, let's unite and win in November!

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