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Christopher Alexander

Liberty’s CCO Christopher Alexander is here to explain the company and highlight all they are doing to help those who put their lives on the line to defend America.

Liberty Blockchain is a decentralized blockchain platform that provides users secure transactions and secure communications. Their platform was designed using military grade encryption and decentralized blockchain cryptology, giving veterans a fully secure service.

An article in BMJ Global Health is raising alarms about the development of Artificial Intelligence. In the article, doctors and public health experts are calling for a halt to the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) until proper regulation can be implemented. These health experts claim AI could harm the health of millions and pose an existential threat to humanity. AI/Tech expert Christopher Alexander, CCO of Liberty Blockchain, partially agrees with these experts but doesn't believe it’s an existential threat. Chris has been outspoken about the benefits and dangers of Artificial Intelligence. Chris can explain to your audience what AGI is, how our leaders don’t understand artificial intelligence, and he can explain to your audience why this battle over the development of AGI is happening. Chris has worked in the development and use of artificial intelligence on various projects with the U.S. Government. He has a great understanding of this issue.
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