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Carlos Guerrero

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Actors Carlos Guerrero and Chuck Slavin, "The Organizer" Actors fighting against Sag-Aftra's mandatory vax policy


Actor Carlos Guerrero joins the show to discuss the videos he put together to get the word out about the SAG-Aftra vaccine mandates on all their sets that discriminate against SAG members who have chosen not to take the jab.

Facebook deleted his group page for actors against vaccine mandates after it reached more than 300 people and they are working on a demonstration outside the SAG offices in Los Angeles and potentially NYC and other locals.

Here is the link to the PPP Loan Info for Sag-Aftra 10 million while all their offices across the U.S. are still currently CLOSED.

Here is another link. This one shows the total of 103 Billion PPP Loans handed out in California.

Here’s my 1st video message to Sag-Aftra:

Here’s part 2:

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