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Build Back Bolshevik

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

David Pollack - Not Just Pollack-Tics

I pulled up to the drive through window of one of our family’s more frequently visited fast food places, when an employee unapologetically notified me that they were out of ice…”is that okay?” She asked. I didn’t really hesitate when I answered, “yeah, that’s fine.” As I sucked down a lukewarm Diet Coke, it occurred to me that it really wasn’t fine. My warm soda was pretty gross, like soft drink left in a hot car for a few days kind of gross. At the same time, what choice did I have? It was warm Coke or nothing.

And it’s not just my warm Coke. Have you heard about the cream cheese crisis? That’s right, apparently there’s a shortage of cream cheese. I scoured the Internet trying to identify the root cause of this popular schmear’s scarcity, but all I could find was hypothetical explanations such as holiday hoarding and the ever common logistical and transportation issues. Have you tried to buy bourbon or tequila lately, yup shortages. There’s also shortages of Christmas trees, beef, pork, chicken, and juice. In fact, shortages are becoming so common that #BareShelvesBiden has become a meme on social media.

I’m not sure that President Joe Biden deserves all the blame, but at the same time, what has he done to help? His administration’s policies have only served to deepen the wounds opened by the response to the COVID-19 pandemic as he continues to find any good reason for a new “stimulus”, tax advance or some policy that keeps people out of work. Not to mention the exacerbated staffing shortages due to questionable nationwide vaccine mandates. As a result, we have fleets of cargo ships sitting off California. We’ve seen Mr. Biden haphazardly contend that a simple solution is to extend port hours, when they already have 24/7 operations. The issue was reportedly getting enough people to work these overnight shifts. These labor shortages don’t just impact our supply chains, they also affect our service industries as evidenced by the notes on restaurant doors apologizing in advance for poor service and unavailable menu items posted next to a weathered help wanted sign.

If one believes everything one hears from the mainstream media, then we’d think the bare shelves, empty car lots, high fuel and energy costs, increased cost of goods, and deceased quality of service are really a result of that stubborn COVID-19 that just doesn’t want to go away.

Perhaps that’s part of it…but we’ve been dealing with COVID-19 since well, pretty much 2019. Yes, while early on there was an absurd shortage of toilet paper and anything that purported to kill germs, fuel and energy was almost 50% cheaper, labor remained abundant and many at the start of the pandemic were begging to be allowed to work. Shelves were stocked (sans items discussed above), car lots were full, and basic necessities were cheaper all while COVID-19 was having a far more serious impact globally. So why in 2021 are we sipping warm Coke and just okay with it, as if my ice was somehow melting on one of those stranded cargo ships from China?!

It seems that COVID-19 presented an opportunity for those who have long sought to fundamentally transform the U.S., and other parts of the western world. Whether it’s manufactured or simply luck, they’ve certainly maximized the opportunity to push back on those pesky populists and reassert government authority and control; the opportunity to raise wages through designed labor shortages; the opportunity to increase reliance on universal government income; the opportunity to condition the public to expect and accept less from the private sector; the opportunity to create the fear necessary to force people to follow government orders; the opportunity to divide the nation and use that division to help win elections—and the opportunity to steal one if they don’t.

And here we are, at the end of 2021 and Joe Biden is President having won the 2020 election. Australian Citizens sit in concentration style quarantine camps. German Citizens are not allowed to leave their homes unless vaccinated, and outgoing New York City mayor and failed Democrat presidential candidate Bill De Blasio issued similar restrictions here in the land of the free. The service industry, I’m sure, is just grateful for the permission to open, and restauranteurs are feeling fortunate to be allowed to have indoor dining. We still have Americans hesitant to remove a mask even while walking outside or driving alone and it seems that people have just accepted longer wait times for just about everything. We are growing accustomed to bare shelves and have seemingly been trained not to question the nonsensical excuses and explanations.

Under the cover of COVID, leftists who dream of American-style socialism and authoritarian governments desperate to hold onto power, have cunningly found a way to raise minimum wages by creating labor shortages, to force us to consume less beef, to consume less fossil fuels, and worst of all to blindly follow draconian public health measures.

And they’re not done. Just when you think things are getting back to normal—not the new normal as they call it, but actual normal—the variants arrive, one after the other to reset the game, so the people are played all over again. Just hold the red button down for three seconds and wait.

The opportunity to transform the Country is not just hidden in COVID-19 relief. In the first 100 days of the Biden regime, he canceled the XL pipeline, rejoined the Paris climate accord, and advanced other initiatives, mostly by executive order, that enhanced the economic pain on our country

And that’s not all. Through the $1.2 trillion “bipartisan” Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which only allocated one-third of the money towards transportation and infrastructure, over a trillion dollars was earmarked for social spending on items such as government childcare programs, government and non-profit co-operated broadband expansions, combating gender and racial inequality in science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) research, green school lunches, public housing improvements, racial and environmental justice, and others.

This is similar to Mr. Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill signed in March 2021, where as much as 90% of the spending was directed towards Democrat pet projects including $50 million for Planned Parenthood, $200 million for the Institute Museum and Library Services, $270 million for the National Endowment for Arts and Humanities, $1.5 billion for Amtrack, $12 billion for foreign aid, $15 billion for illegal immigrant-eligible health care, $111 billion for welfare without work requirements, and $350 billion to bail out blue states. Despite all of this spending, I sip warm coke.

And they’re not done, the Mr. Biden’s Build Back Better plan, which is described as a $1.75 trillion dollar social safety net and climate bill which provides for more deficit for programs such as childcare and universal preschool, family and medical leave, enhanced child tax and earned income credits, housing for low-income persons, help for small businesses in disadvantaged areas, community violence intervention, expanded nutrition programs, state and local tax (SALT) deduction relief, lower consumer energy costs through greenhouse gas mitigation, and immigration reform.

While everyday Americans learn to deal with less and less, this Administration is proposing $3 trillion dollars to fund social programs that provide the average tax paying citizen with nothing but a higher tax-bill and rocketing inflation which just reached a 39-year high.

In addition to the increased social spending, I fully expect that not a single crisis will be wasted in the effort to further solidify the socialist gains in our country. What do you imagine will happen if Russia invades Ukraine, is the "economic pain” that President Biden warns Putin of going to be felt in Russia? Doubtful, especially now since we have stopped much of our domestic energy production and shut down several pipeline projects that had us producing the energy we need domestically. Call it suspicious, but I imagine the resulting energy crisis from a possible conflict with Russia will be used as another opportunity to push for green policies such as electric cars and solar etc., it’s already promoted in Build Back Better plan.

While the government continues to spend your grandchildren’s future wealth, business leaders like Elon Musk, arguably one of the world’s richest and most successful entrepreneurs, says we should scrap the entire spending bill. He asserts that we don’t need government subsidies for charging stations, asking, “do we need to subsidize gas stations?” He further argues against government funding for research and development. He logically points out that the spending exceeds revenue and at some point, it’s going to be very bad.

But why listen to him, after all Musk risks his own money, not yours unless you are an investor. Yet he’s a billionaire, and our government is trillions in debt and growing.

And what is all this spending for? We’re well beyond simply funding government operations. This is discretionary social spending, that put us further into debt as a nation, and for what? As musk warns, this level of spending let alone social spending is not sustainable. At some point, we will have to either raise taxes, or reduce the spending and is reducing spending even an option? What happens when people run out of free money, does anyone think they’ll just dust off their boots and head off to work, not likely—now that people have gotten used to having stuff for free, and not having to work for it. Politicians on the far left will undoubtedly hear the calls for the seizure of private wealth to support the public’s newly formed socialist inspired lifestyle. And if you thought it was bad to disagree about whether to wear a mask, wait until you see what happens when you are the one obstructing their desired lifestyle. Even then, seized wealth only goes so far. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” The result is less competition in the private sector, less access to goods and services, and a government without the necessary funds to fill the gap of our expectations. At least, what our expectations used to be. Already, Americans are getting used to having less stuff on the shelves, reduced services, higher prices, and an unsustainable reliance on government to solve their problems.

The end game is obvious…to let no crisis, (whether created or natural) go without Democrats seizing the opportunity to tear us down further so they can build us back up “better,” to build us back—Bolshevik.

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