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Bruce Fenton

Bruce Fenton is a Republican primary Candidate for the US Senate in New Hampshire. Fenton is a successful entrepreneur, stockbroker, retired US Navy Hospital Corpsman, and longtime bitcoin advocate.

New Hampshire GOP Senate Candidate Unveils Bold Universal Basic Tax Cut BRUCE FENTON STANDS FOR LIBERTY, FREEDOM AND NEW HAMPSHIRE Aug 30

Biden’s Inflation Bill Raised Taxes On Businesses. Here Are The Industries That Will Suffer The Most. Biden still claiming Dem bill will fight inflation despite evidence it won't Most Americans will feel tax pain from Dem inflation bill despite Biden's past promises: analysis CANDIDATE FOR U.S. SENATE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, BRUCEFENTON, UNVEILS “3-2-1 LIFTOFF PLAN” TO CUT TAXES & GROW THE ECONOMY MANCHESTER, NH: Bruce Fenton, candidate for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire has unveiled his “3-2-1 Liftoff Plan” to cut taxes, foster economic growth, and create jobs in New Hampshire and across the United States. In a statement, Fenton, an experienced economic advisor, announced the policy proposal. The 321 Liftoff proposal includes: (3) Eliminating all small business taxes for the first $300 thousand in income, (2) Eliminating all individual worker taxes for the first $200 thousand in income, (1) Eliminating all taxes on the first $100 thousand of investments for every American. The aggressive tax-cut plan, which Fenton dubs a “universal tax cut for small businesses and the middle class,” would allow Granite Staters to keep more of their own money, along with bolstering small businesses and the working class. The following statement was released by Bruce Fenton: “Government programs are an incredible waste. The United States spent almost $50,000 per person in bailouts over the last two years. Where did that money go? Not in your pocket, but in the pockets of the special interests. I am deeply worried about how inflation is destroying our middle class, Without a robust middle class, our country is lost. “My ‘3-2-1 Plan’ gives universal tax cuts directly to the productive economy and empowers the individual to rise up through entrepreneurship, hard work, and savings. “These are historic times and the future of our nation is at stake. It’s critical to get the economy back on track by putting more power back in the hands of workers and entrepreneurs,” said Bruce Fenton.

FIND HIS WEBSITE HERE. BIO: Bruce Fenton, Bitcoiner and free markets advocate, is an entrepreneur and serves as CEO of Chainstone Labs and Managing Director of Watchdog Capital, a licensed securities brokerage firm. Fenton lives on a historic farm on the Great Bay in Seacoast New Hampshire with his wife and their four children.


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