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Bruce Abramson

Bruce Abramson is a director of the American Center for Education and Knowledge, and author of "The New Civil War: Exposing Elites, Fighting Utopian Leftism, and Restoring America."

This nascent faith has taken on many provisional names and drawn from many sources, but for present purposes it should suffice to call it “Wokeism.” Though far from all nones are woke, the overlap between their demographics is striking. The nones account for 36% of Americans between 18 and 29 and 23% of registered Democrats. As currently configured, Wokeism lacks a canon, a hierarchy, a fixed set of rituals, and many other earthly trappings common among organized religions. Nevertheless, Wokeism already has many of the metaphysical elements capable of filling emotional, spiritual, and communal needs and of underpinning a distinctive moral code. It’s gaining greater substance at a dizzying pace.

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