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Benjamin Sledge

Benjamin Sledge is on the show to discuss his new book, "Where Cowards Go to Die." Ben's book tells an unromanticized account of his time at war in both Afghanistan and Iraq

America’s veterans are rightly held up as heroes and our country’s first line of defense, but how these men and women transition back to civilian life is too-often softened or ignored. In his new book Where Cowards Go to Die (releases July 5, 2022), Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient Benjamin Sledge reveals the true horror of war from the front lines and the struggle many veterans face when reacclimating to life after battle.

Stationed on a small base on the border of Pakistan in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, the young warrior returned home shattered after embracing the barbarity he witnessed around him. Haunted by his experiences overseas, he began a fifteen-year odyssey wrestling with mental health, purpose, and faith—an odyssey that eventually drove him to volunteer for another combat tour in the deadliest city of the Iraq War, Ramadi. Sledge presents his story with candid vulnerability.

Please check out the latest coverage of the book including:

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