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Ben Swann

As the U.S. pledges Ukraine an additional $2 billion, questions swirl around the direction of these funds—namely if they’re fueling an unending conflict rather than paving the way for peace. These concerns led investigative journalist Ben Swann to launch the explosive 12-part docuseries “Zelenskyy Unmasked” on Truth In Media.

Episode 4 is titled “Who Really Blew Up The Nord Stream Pipeline?” It explores the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline with a focus on Seymour Hersh’s bombshell expose. It also uncovers the history behind the pipeline and why it posed such a threat to the United States. The previous three episodes have reached millions of views on X.


Ben Swann is here to discuss the shocking revelations from this episode, along with a variety of other topics, including:


  • PR Campaign: Episode 2 unearths a carefully crafted PR campaign that includes celebrity visits to Ukraine, Zelenskyy’s high-profile visits to the U.S., and the reproduction of his likeness in statues and busts around the world. 

  • Who Really Runs Ukraine: Episode 3 investigates the powers that pull Zelenskyy’s strings and the shady corporate, political, and scientific interests responsible for his rise.

  • The $61 Billion Aid Betrayal: Swann can discuss the impact of aid, track the funds by highlighting where the money really goes, and analyze the geopolitical ramifications of U.S. financial involvement in Ukraine. 

  • Lingering Questions: Why have the U.S. and Western Europe pushed so hard for war in Ukraine? Why are U.S. taxpayers sending hundreds of billions of dollars to war efforts? Why does Ukraine need to join NATO, even though Russia had long considered that to be a red line?

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