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Beau Simmons

Photojournalist Beau Simmons' work as one of the most sought after commercial photographers has taken him all over the world, but no assignment has meant as much to him as the one he undertook for his newest project, the #1 Amazon bestselling photo book, THE TWENTY YEAR WAR.

THE TWENTY YEAR WAR took Beau on a life-changing trip across the United States to document and chronicle the stories of 71 veterans of the Great War on Terror, traversing the land on an almost quixotic journey in the vein of Jack Kerouac and Larry McMurtry.

Along this multi-year odyssey, he created unbreakable bonds with the soldiers that infuse his captured photographic images with a greater beauty and unique pathos.

It is these bonds that have also inspired Beau to continue working to support veterans to raise greater awareness for their causes including the veteran non-profit Heroes and Horses. A group that uses equine therapy to help veterans cope with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.

“42 states, 16,000 miles, and 71 veterans. I spent quite a bit of my journey in below freezing temperatures, sleeping in cheap motels, and living off of gas station food. This was one of the most incredible projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on. Traveling across the country is easy for me. Getting to understand veterans on a deeper level through civilian eyes was the challenging part. When I first started this book I had no clue what these men and women have been through. That changed real quick. As the days went on and the more veterans I met with, I have found out a lot about how we as a society can do more to help support each other. These men and women have been through tough times but the important message that wraps up this whole project is that they have found a way to become successful or maintain a positive mindset after transitioning to their former civilian lives. I am very fortunate to have photographed and interviewed these veterans who I now consider my friends. It’s time to change the conversation and help other veterans who are stuck or feel like they can't adapt to society again.” - Beau Simmons

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