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Ashley Varner

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Ashley Varner from the Freedom Foundation is here with more news on how the teacher’s unions have a grip on the government.


Ashley Varner from the Freedom Foundation is here to discuss the insanity from the teacher’s unions and the Biden administration. America, time to fight back. She also makes a football pick!

Education Secretary Cardona solicited NSBA letter comparing protesting parents to domestic terrorists: email

National School Boards Association sorry for 'language' in letter that likened parents to domestic terrorists

NSBA Apology

Biden surgeon general thanks teachers union chief Randi Weingarten for 'leadership'

New York Times column blasted for portraying Randi Weingarten as champion of keeping schools open

McCarthy, Foxx demand Biden education secretary turn over correspondence with teachers unions


Ashley Varner from the Freedom Foundation is back to discuss public sector unions and teacher unions who are closing schools all over the country.


Ashley Varner from the Freedom Foundation is here to spread good news for union workers on this Christmas special...


Ashley Varner brings a variety of public affairs experience and a tough skin to the Freedom Foundation team.

Prior to joining the Freedom Foundation, Ashley spent many exciting, turbulent and wonderful years as a media spokesperson and state government liaison at the National Rifle Association. Following her tenure at the NRA, Ashley joined the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), where she worked with state and local lawmakers across the country on a diverse set of policy and communications issues.

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