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Archie Richards

If the Democrats had allowed regular folks to attend the inauguration, there would probably have been booing. This had no appeal to the Democrats, they filled the spaces with hundreds of thousands of flags, allowing only their supporters to witness the ceremony.

On his first day in office, President Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, making the environmentalists happy, but keeping some ten thousand workers from good-paying jobs and giving Canada the cold shoulder.

Probably due to puppet-master Barack Obama, it won’t be long until Kamala Harris steps in as our President.

If and when China invades Taiwan, will Biden and Harris launch a defense? Our President Xiden is beholden to China as an important source of his boodle. Taiwan is only two hundred miles off China’s coast. By the time we get there, the invasion would long since be over. Resisting China is really not their thing.

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